Wright – “…Always wonderful autumn…”

“Every spirit builds itself a house; and beyond its house, a world; and beyond its world a heaven. Know then, that the world exists for you: build, therefore, your own world.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


I have an obsession with Frank Lloyd Wright. Every fall, I travel to Oak Park, and I walk. From house to house, I walk. It is an open air museum.

Wright spoke of his architecture in the March 1908 issue of the Architectural Record saying, “The prairie has a beauty of its own and we should recognize and accentuate this natural beauty, its quiet level. Hence, gently sloping roofs, low proportions, quiet sky lines, suppressed heavy-set chimneys and sheltered overhangings, low terraces and outreaching walls sequestering private gardens.” And I would add, hidden entryways. But nowhere have I found the feel of Wright better expressed than in Ken Burns documentary…